Freedom of the Press

"Bush Plot to Bomb His Arab Ally" (The Mirror, 11/22/05)

“U.S. Is Said to Pay to Plant Articles in Iraq Papers” (NYT, 12/01/05)

“32 Journalists Die in Iraq in 2006” (Seattle PI, 12/20/06)

"Media Under Growing Siege" (Dahr Jamail, 1/10/07)

"Iraq Journalist Union Head Dies After Gun Attack"(Reuters, 02/27/08)


“Pentagon Details Defiling of Koran” (, 6/4/05)

"U.S. Military Regrets 'Blasphemous' Balls for Afghans" (Reuters, 8/27/07)

Israel (also see “Why We Invaded Iraq”)

"A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" by Oded Yinon (1982)

     *The Zionist Plan for the Middle East*

“Carving Up the New Iraq” (The Sunday Herald, 4/13/03)

“Wolfowitz Interview with Sam Tannenhaus, Vanity Fair” (DOD, 5/903) 

“Israel Trains U.S. Assassination Squads in Iraq” (The Guardian, 12/9/03)

“Israeli Interrogators in Iraq” (BBC, 7/3/04)

“Pentagon Aide Draws Scrutiny from FBI” (Washington Times, 8/28/04)

"Patriot Crews Heading to Exercise in Israel" (Stars and Stripes, 03/09/05)

“Israeli Agents Are In Iraq…Maybe” (The Forward, 7/22/05)

Interview with Col. Janis Karpinski (Democracy Now, 10/26/05)

“Remarks by [NSA] Stephen Hadley to the AIPAC” (, 10/31/05)

“America’s S.O.S. to the IDF” (Ha'aretz, 11/12/05)

“NATO may help US airstrikes on Iran” (Sunday Times, 3/5/06)

“Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Slams Qatar, Praises U.S. Envoy Bolton” (Ha'aretz, 5/24/06)

“U.S. Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis” (BBC, 7/22/06)

“Israelis Accused of ‘Human Shields’ Tactic" (BBC, 7/25/06)

"Kurdish Soldiers Trained by Israelis" (BBC, 09/20/06)

“Italian Probe: Israel Used New Weapon Prototype in Gaza Strip” (Ha'aretz, 10/11/06)

"The Hidden Cost of Free Congressional Trips to Israel" (CSM, 01/26/07)

"West Bank Sites on Private Land, Data Shows" (NYT, 03/14/07)

"Marines to Train at New Israeli Combat Center" (MarineCorpsTimes, 06/25/07)

"The Israeli Police State" (Black Commentator, 07/12/07)

"Israel Turns Away Darfur Refugees" (BBC, 08/20/07)

"We Didn't Mean to Kill Them" (YNet, 05/04/08)

"Dennis Ross Chairmanship of Israeli Government Funded Think Tank Could Torpedo Iran Envoy Job" (Reuters, 01/09/09)

Palestinian Holocaust Museum Online