Downing Street Memo 

Eighty-Eight Members of Congress Call on Bush for Answers on Secret Iraq Plan”  (, 05/05/05)

British Memo Indicates Bush Made Intelligence Fit Iraq Policy”  (, 05/06/05)

Criminals Belong in Prison” –William Rivers Pitt (, 05/06/05)

US and UK Bombing Raids Tried to Goad Saddam into War” (, 05/29/05)

Downing Street Memo Story Won’t Die” (, 06/07/05)

Ministers Were Told of Need for Gulf War ‘Excuse’” (Sunday Times, 06/12/05)

British Bombing Raids Were Illegal, Says Foreign Office” (Sunday Times, 06/19/05) 

The Real News in the Downing Street Memos” (LA Times, 06/23/05)

General Admits to Secret Air War” (, 06/26/05)



Letter from Fallujah to Kofi Annan” (, 10/24/04)  

U.S. Strikes Raze Fallujah Hospital” (BBC, 06/06/04)  

Attack on Fallujah Can’t Be Justified” Helen Thomas (SeattlePI, 11/12/04)  

U.S. Launches Mass Slaughter in Fallujah” (, 11/17/04) 

The Failed Siege of Fallujah” (Dahr Jamail, 06/03/05) 

List of Iraqi civilian martyrs killed in Fallujah by chemical weapons used by the Americans in their assault on the city in April 2004” (Uruknet, 12/03/05)  

Situation Called Dire in West Iraq” (Washington Post, 11/11/06)