Conscientious Objection (Finding Alternatives to Military Enlistment)  (GI Rights Hotline Number:  1.877.447.4487)  


Iraq Veterans Against the War 

We’re Committing Genocide in Iraq”—Interview w/ Jimmy Massey (, 11/11/04)

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Cultural Destruction

Suicide Bombing Kills 20 in Baghdad Book Market (NYT, 03/05/07)

Depleted Uranium  

Poisonous Legacy" Video

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A Scientific Perspective: An Interview With LEUREN MORET, Geoscientist” (The Iconoclast, Texas, 2005)

The War Against Ourselves” by Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D., Former Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project (Yes Magazine, Spring 2005)  

A Military Perspective: An Interview With MAJOR DOUG ROKKE, Ph.D Former Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project” (The Iconoclast, Texas, 2005)  

A Survivor’s Perspective: An Interview with MELISSA STERRY, Gulf War Veteran” (The Iconoclast, Texas, 2005) 

An Arab-American Priest, Depleted Uranium, and Iraq” (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, November 2005) 

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Court Hearing on Suit Filed by Iraq Veterans Contaminated with Depleted Uranium Against U.S. Military” (Democracy Now, 09/07/06)

“Depleted Uranium: Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke”(The Public Record, October 19, 2009)